Samstag 27. Jänner

Feel welcome to join

CI Presence Workshop & JAM
getting into touch with Contact Improvisation / open to all

Workshop & Jam: 15 – 20 Euro
CI experienced are free to join JAM only: 8 – 10 Euro

19:00 open doors and wardrobe
19:30 starting CI Presence Workshop, Tao Yoga/six healing sounds
20:30 JAM starts
21:45 closing with a community sharing circle

Talking to different people of different ages, gender, bodyshape, way of thinking, and so on, so – talking to many different individuals, i found out, that most of the problems with contact improvisation are not based on problems with ‘how to move’ technically.
It is not something you have to ‘learn’ to ‘be able’ to do it.

Contact Improvisation happens in a  field of communication and is all about relationship in the moment. It is about how to relate to yourself and to other people inside a focused and physical ‘here and now’. And most of  the problems evolving are problems within this field of connection, communication and presence. Contact Improvisation is something to explore in a highly communicative and present field, and it’s a decision to step into this field as an individual and as a group.

CI Presence Workshop is about relating to yourself first. As a tool we use Tao-Yoga six healing sounds and relate to our organs, which are associated to our emotions. Because CI is about relationship – to yourself, to the floor, to other people – it is also about emotions. Tao Yoga/six healing sounds gives you the tools to let go of emotions like sadness, anger, inpatience, fear and much more and gives you the power to breath in joy, silence, courage and peace.

It is happening in the moment and so you can integrate Tao experiences in your dance to have truthful and fulfilling contact and be able to stop your ego and mind to interfere with your inner joy of spending time together, sing and dance and celebrate life.

In the training we are able to find a relationship to our instances in the moment, to our voice, to our body, to our impulses – and then find a connection to our inner child, which loves to play and is clear-sighted with open heart and open eyes. +

Let us explore Contact Improvisation!


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